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One-room apartment D17 of Residential complex "Reina Sofia"

Address: The plot is located in neighbourhood "Vitosha" and bordered with a boulevard "Filip Kutev" from the northwest, with other properties from the northeast, str. " Marin Todorov " from the southeast.
Quadrature: 43,60 sq.m | Type: Residential complex
For Sale
88 944 €
Complex of apartments. Reina Sofia.We bring to your attention an exclusive offer of INMOBILIA. Direct contact with the developer - No commission from the buyer!

Studio for rent in a new building on "Slivnitsa" Blvd.

Address: "Slivnitsa" Blvd.
Quadrature: 60 sq.m
For Rent
450 €

Two-bedroom studio for rent in a multifunctional building, located in a communicative place in the city centre, near the intersection of "Slivnitsa" Blvd and "Rakovski" street

Three-bedroom apartment in "Yavorov"

Address: "Yavorov" district. The building is located in an area near the city centre and "Mall Serdica".
Quadrature: 115 sq.m
For Rent

For rent a bright and spacious three-bedroom apartment on the 1st floor, above the ground floor on two levels with a total area of 115 sq.m.

Three-bedroom apartment on "Assen Zlatarov" Str.

Address: "Assen Zlatarov" Str. / "Varbitsa" district.
Quadrature: 120 sq.m
For Rent

Three-bedroom apartment in a solid brick building built in a communicative place.

Three-bedroom apartment in "Yanko Sakazov" Blvd.

Address: "Yanko Sakazov" Blvd.
Quadrature: 94 sq.m
For Rent

Three-bedroom apartment on the 6th floor in a six-floor building with an elevator on "Yanko Sakazov" Blvd. next to "Zaimov" park.